#912 Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

I have heard of Linkin Park from many friends and enemies, but I have never heard their music. I have read their music has changed since their 2000 release of Hybrid Theory. This album is nu metal and rap metal, but their late changed to electronic rock. I bet they gained some new fans, but lost a lot of older ones.

Surprise! I actually liked this album. It took one listen to realise that I liked “In the End” and”My December“. I love when hard rock bands can make sweet songs. Those are some of my favourites. Lead singer Chester Bennington did not want to include “In the End” on the album. It is okay to be wrong.

I also liked “Cure for the Itch”, and “Crawling”, and on the first listening.

This whole album is great. I cannot believe that I had never listened to it until today. That is crazy. I will definitely listen to more of their albums. Give it a listen or two. 9.5/10.

5 thoughts on “#912 Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

  1. This is my childhood, and had a huge impact on the music I listen today. Then I didn’t even understand the lyrics, but the voices and sounds were so emotional and close to me. I am really happy that you liked it as well 🙂 The Reanimation and Meteora albums also worth their praise, but I am an old LP fan 🙂

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