#913 Elliott Smith – Figure 8

I believe Figure 8 is Elliott Smith‘s second time on the list of 1001. It is his fifth studio album. I believe I have already written about his death in the previous album on the list. You can search for it on my blog. And now to listen to his album of power pop and indie pop.

I really liked this album. It had really good upbeat songs like “Son of Sam” and “Can’t Make a Sound”. For those of us who like depressing song “Everything Reminds Me of Her” would be a good choice. If you like Simon and Garfunkel, then you might like “Somebody That I Used to Know“.

I think the whole album is quite good. My only reservation is that i could not listen to it often or maybe a lot. I tend to listen to more upbeat or moving your body music when i am, driving or cycling. This album would be better if i was doing something at home. It is tragic when artists die so young. I wonder how much more could he have created. 9/10.

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