#919 Mike Ladd – Welcome to the Afterfuture

I have never heard of Mike Ladd. Perhaps his second studio album Welcome to the Afterfuture did not make it abroad to Europe. Oddly, he is now based in Paris, France. I did not hear of him when I lived in Lyon either.

I must admit that this album is not as bad as the other hip hop albums I have heard on this list. It is more interesting musically. I doubt I will add any of the songs after one listening, but if I ever revisit it, then who knows what will happen. Okay, that was a joke.

I added “Wipe Out on the Wave of Armageddon” because it has a special feeling to it. I like that it is an instrumental.

If “To the Moon’s Contractor” was a bit shorter, then there would be a chance that I would add it. I like the music. It seems that Ladd does not sing as much as other hip hop artist. One extra point for him. 5/10.

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