#923 Giant Sand- Chore of Enchantment

Giant Sand? Weird name for a band, but they are from Arizona. I have never heard of them. Oddly, the band has been recording albums since 1985. Yet, they remain under the radar. Chore of Enchantment is one of their many albums released.

“Raw”, “(Well) Dusted (For the Millennium)”, “Shiver”, and “Punishing Sun” were the first songs that go my attention as I listened to it in the beginning. “Dirty from the Rain” and “Wolfy” were also good.

This album is all over the place. Fortunately, it returns before it goes off the cliff into obscurity.  It is really interesting, but I felt it needed more time than I was will to give it at the moment. I am wanting to finish this list of 1001 Albums6/10.

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