#925 Ute Lemper – Punishing Kiss

Ute Lemper is a familiar name to me. I am not sure why. Punishing Kiss is one of her studio albums from 2000. Lemper is supported by The Divine Comedy as her backing band, a band who has made it on this list. The album host an eclectic hot of writers such as Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, Philip Glass, Tom Waits, and Scott Walker.

I could not find that many songs that drew me into the drama of Lemper. I did like “Little Water Song”, “You Were Meant For Me” and “Split”.

Overall, it was not a terrible album at all. I wish the French version would have been on Spotify instead of the English one. I liked the songs that included French vocals. The French chansons are the best. I would listen to it, if you have got a flair for the dramatics, like classical and chanson. 6/10.

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