#929 Radiohead – Amnesiac

Amnesiac is Radiohead‘s fourth album on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. It was included in the 2005 version, but it was removed from later editions. Some fans were disappointed that the band did not return to its former style. I prefer this Radiohead over the rock one. I like their experimental music. It takes me on an adventure.

I do not need to waste time reviewing this album. I listened to it, but I know I have heard it before. I find this album is better as a whole body of work, which needs time, much time with the listener to be appreciated. I think this is why I sort of forgot it. I really enjoy albums like this, but I am often in need of individual songs that are good for moments rather than hours of my life. I highly recommend listening to this album, if you can set the time aside to appreciate it. 10/10.

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