#931 Björk – Vespertine

I am surprised it took this long for Björk to appear on the list again. Vespertine is the pixie-like singer’s fourth album. It is an album about love. This is Björk’s most personal album at the time of its release. Vulnicura might be her second most personal album. Oddly, both albums have the same subject, American contemporary artist Matthew Barney, as the centerpiece.

My favourite songs are “It’s Not Up to You”, “Hidden Place”, “Pagan Poetry”, “Aurora”, “Heirloom”, “Harm of Will”, and “Unison”. Okay, I actually liked every song on the album.

I recommend this album to everyone who has ever liked Björk and to a few who are not sure. I did not want to skip any of the songs. I cannot believe that I missed this one back in 2001. I was living in Austria and I think I listened to more electronic music. 10/10.


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