#934 Destiny’s Child – Survivor

Destiny’s Child released their third album Survivor in 2001. This album is another one of those which was removed in a later edition.

I do not like Beyoncé Knowles voice at all. It is like a bunch of screeching owls being attacked by feral cats. She is the Diana Ross of her generation. Ross had Berry Gordy and Knowles had her father. Both had men behind them who pushed the other women in the group aside.

One of the best songs, “Emotion“, on the album is the best because it was written by Barry and Robin Gibb. Unfortunately, Knowles should not have ruined it. She only adds a whine to it.

The other disappointment is that Stevie Nicks allowed them to use her song “Edge of Seventeen” for a layer to “Bootylicious”. The funny thing is that the producer came up with the idea, but Knowles claimed in an interview that she did. We know better than that. She is a product of the studio.

How am I supposed to take the music serious when the album list a credit for hair stylist? I cannot take it serious at all. I wish Kelly Rowland had more solo songs because I like her vocals better. This album is a pleasurable as a funeral. 1/10.

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