#935 The Strokes – Is This It

The Strokes debut album Is This It was released in 2001. The band tried to capture the simple sound without much enhance studio tricks. The album was a major success and sparked other artists to follow in the alternative rock sound of the 2000s. I unfortunately did not hear about them until later. My knowledge of them came with their 2005 album First Impressions of Earth.

“Is This It”, “Soma”, “Trying Your Luck”, and “When It Started”  are some of my favourite songs.

Overall, I like the album. It reminds me of the early garage sound of the 70s. Julian Casablancas, the son of American business mogul John Casablancas, has an engaging voice. There is a sadness in it that grabs me and I cannot escape it. Casablancas is also the songwriter for the band. He wrote about life and relationships formed in New York City as a young man. I highly recommend this album. 10/10.

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