#936 Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)

Gillian Welch is another artist that I have never heard of until today. I do not like country music. Time (The Revelator) is her third studio album.

Overall, this album was atrocious for me. I could not handle her voice on some of the songs. I almost gave her a score of Joan Baez, but Welch was not quite that horrendous. What saved it for me was “April the 14th Part I“.

But it sort of grew on me a bit. Some of the songs reminded me of O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Of course, after a little research I found out that she was featured on the album. I think I judged her a bit too harshly at first. She is definitely better than Taylor Swift.

Other decent songs were “Elvis Presley Blues”, “Everything Is Free”, and “I Dream a Highway”.

This album reminds me of a person. There is a chef I met in baking school and she and I sort of clashed. It was probably mostly me. I felt out of place when I arrived to Colorado seven years ago this August. And Chef Suzanne (let’s pretend that is her name) did or said something one day and I was a bit angry or something. I shouted to her “You are wearing on me!” I used the wrong expression, which is typical of me. I am still not sure which expression I was searching for. We are friends now. 6/10.

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