#942 Drive-By Truckers – Southern Rock Opera

I have heard of Georgia based Drive-By Truckers. I cannot say where I heard them or why. They are a Southern rock band, but I think that often means they border on country music too. Southern Rock Opera is their third studio album.

Oddly, as I listened to it while I was working I found myself forgetting I was listened to something that I might not like. I was enjoying some of the sounds, especially the music and the vocals. The lyrics were a little strange at times.

The songs that grabbed me the most were “Ronnie and Neil”, “Plastic Flowers on the Highway”, “Zip City”, and “Moved”.

Is it me or does “Days of Graduation” sound like Pat Benatar’s “I’m Gonna Follow You”?

Overall, if the album had better lyrics, then I would have given it a better score. I really liked their musical ability. The funniest lyrics were something about the South rising again. 6.5/10.

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