#947 The Bees – Sunshine Hit Me

The Bees? They might as well have called themselves the Gee Bees or something else dumb. In the USA they were known as A Band of Bees. Sunshine Hit Me is their debut album. Unfortunately, the album is not on Spotify.

I was a bit bored throughout the whole album. I did not care for the music and the vocals were not much better. It sounded like they threw in everything from psychedelia, Jamaican dub, reggae, 1960s rock, and so on. I could not find any song to stand on so I could have time to navigate my way through the course of many genres.

This Town” and “Sky Holds the Sun” were a little interesting. It reminded me of older songs from the 60s maybe. I think if I had heard it when it was first released I may have liked it more. 5/10.

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