#956 Christina Aguilera – Stripped

If there is one artist that I did not expect to be on this list it would be Christina Aguilera.  She is in the irritating category for me. She has a powerful voice, but she overuses it and it makes me angry to listen to it. On the opposite end is Taylor Swift. She is someone with a weak voice and yet some people like her crappy voice. Okay, I digress. Back to Aguilera. She is one of Disney’s former pop tarts that wanted to break out of her good girl attitude because she knew she was living a lie. She fired her manger. Posed nude on magazines. Gave herself another alter ego (ego is the key word). Bam. She is not longer her former self and she has put on a new skin. She released her first album of trashy white girl singing black girl songs with an over the top vocal called Stripped.

The album’s cover is hilarious, but only if I did not know what that word meant and I really meant to use the word pathetic. Just look above this article and tell me I am lying.

The music is exactly how I described it in the introduction of this post, “…trashy white girl singing black girl songs with an over the top vocal…”. If you search through music you will find there have been many of these girls in history. I was listening to Anastacia and Taylor Dayne recently and I realised they are similar in that they are those over the top vocals girls. Every year on American Idol a couple of them try to sneak past the judges into the hearts of American, but rarely do they make it.  We already have Adele, Ariana Grande, and Mariah Carey who is one of the greatest.

Overall, I remember hearing her songs “Dirrty“, “Fighter” and her big hit “Beautiful” in Europe, but I was never a fan. I did not seek out any of them. I never thought of them again until today. I feel that way about the whole album. She is overrated in my opinion. I doubt she even wrote any of the lyrics. Yes, you can see her credited as writing some of them, but it is a well known fact that many pop tarts do not actually write the songs themselves. It is the job of a ghostwriter. I find her songs immature and abysmal. 1/10.

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