#960 The Vines – Highly Evolved

I have heard of The Vines, but I looked at their discography and I did not recognise any of their albums, even Highly Evolved their debut studio album. I will have to find out which album I have previously heard from the Australian alternative rock band, but not today.

Homesick” is my favourite song off the album. It really grabbed me tightly. Why haven’t I heard it before? It is beautifully sung.

“Nothin’s gonna save you
Nothin’s gonna save you out there
Nothin’s gonna save you
Nothin’s gonna save you or give
I can see the leaves of golden glisten in the sun
Making time for everyone is what I should have done
Blue and green with eyes between are acting all the same
You and me are never free until we’re cast away”

Overall, the album has some really good songs, but it took me a while to appreciate them. I had to listen to the album over and over because everything was distracting me. It has been a terrible week, actually a terrible month. If you like alternative rock, garage punk, post-punk revival, post-grunge, and neo-psychedelia, then you will probably like something on this album. 7/10.

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