#963 Amy Winehouse – Frank

Amy Winehouse was not an artist that I ever liked. I do not know much of her music, but I know more about her life. I know too much about her life. She was a mess. I do not understand why they let these drug addicts destroy themselves. Record companies are pure evil. Frank was her debut album. She only recorded two albums before her death in 2011.

I think what I do not like about her, besides her life story, is her voice It is so whiny. I did not like anything on the album. I found it boring and annoying. She sounds like she is high and trying to sound like the greats of the beginning of the jazz and Bossa nova era.

Overall, I would skip this album. I did not save any of the songs. I accidentally heard a few songs from something else and it was better. It was on Spotify so I am not sure which album was playing after Frank. 4/10.

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