#969 The Thrills – So Much for the City

I have heard of the The Thrills, but I do not think I have heard their debut album So Much for the City until today. I cannot find out much about the band since they have been on hiatus since 2008. They were supposedly working on individual projects, but only drummer Ben Carrigan has released an album. I cannot find anything about lead singer Conor Deasy.

From the first song “Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far)” I felt hope that I would like this album. I was right to hope it. I think my favourite song is “Deckchairs and Cigarettes”. This album is for you if you need a little post-punk revival and indie rock to get you awake this morning.

Overall, this album feels like a cool Spring morning with the fresh smell of flowers blossoming under the Sun peaking out of light blue clouds. I have to wonder why I waited so long to listen to it. It is such a shame when old friends fall out and when we miss albums that tell the story for us. 10/10.

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