#974 Lightning Bolt – Wonderful Rainbow

Lightning Bolt released their most listener friendly album Wonderful Rainbow in 2003. I am not sure if I have ever heard noise rock, but I am curious to hear it. 1001 Albums… describes it as “a mix of sheer abuse and welcome diversity, for a truly challenging listening experience”. I am not sure what they meant by diversity. Is there a Republican and a Democrat playing on it? Or is one member a trans and the other a lesbian in a man’s body? Surely they could not have meant the music because it is only a drum, bass, and vocals.

Well, now I understand noise rock or noise punk. It is an offshoot of punk in the 80s. Lightning Bolt was at the forefront of the scene in the early 2000s. I do not remember music singing, but I do recall there was a lot of noise. I actually liked it.

My favourite song might be “Duel in the Deep“. I feel like I am fighting a duel in the deep every day.

Overall, this album is not for everyone. It is for the few who feel rage inside. It is for us who have been raped inside. It is for us who have not felt love. It is for us who have nobody to love. It is for us who are depressed and suicidal. It is for me. 9/10.

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