#980 Mylo – Destroy Rock & Roll

Who is Mylo? There is not much about him on Wikipedia. He seems to be a one hit wonder who kind of vanished. Destroy Rock & Roll is the Scottish DJ’s debut album. I have never heard of him nor his music, but I do like some good house music. Hopefully it will be good.

My favourite songs are “Emotion 98.6”, “Valley of the Dolls”, “In My Arms” (it contains a sample of one of my favourite songs Bette Davis Eyes from my youthful days), “Need You Tonite”, and the whole album.

This is what House Music should sound like. This album makes the listener smile. It makes you want to rock your body and drift to a happy place. At least that is what it does for me. I can hear why it was so popular with critics and the audience at the time of its release. It wears the past 16 years well. It still sounds fresh. 9.5/10.

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