#981 Brian Wilson – Smile

Brian Wilson is another name I did not expect to see return to this list. He was on the list in the 60s with The Beach Boys. I read about the album Brian Wilson Presents Smile and it is actually an album from the 60s, but he never released it. Wilson had a drug-induced mental breakdown and there were other issues that caused the album to be locked away until 2004. But. This album is not the actual recorded version from 1966. Wilson re-recorded the whole album.

I cannot really separate any of the songs. I think the whole album plays well as one piece of music. Okay, I guess you could say “Good Vibrations” is the most known song from this album. It was on this album in the 60s, but the album wasn’t released and only the single was released.

I actually liked the album. It may have been in rebellion to all the hip hop I have had to endure on the list of 1001 Albums… I did like Pet Sounds too. I just did not like their earlier music. 7.9/10.

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