#989 Ozomatli – Street Signs

I often wonder how are there so many bands that I do not know. I guess some of the American bands are only popular stateside, such as Ozomatli. This Latin funk rock band released their third album Street Signs in 2004 and won the Grammy for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album in 2005. And that is why I have never heard of them. I do not like Latin style of music.

This is a simple one to review. I am not a fan of any of the songs. I have enough political band to follow. I do not need another one. I am for immigration, but only if you do it legally. I think the United States could reform their immigration laws, but I do not think people who live here illegal should be awarded with an automatic status.

Overall, I pass on this album, unless you really like crappy political Latin music. 2/10.

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