#991 Kanye West – The College Dropout

Kanye West. So much has been said about him. His music was loved by the critics and the fans. Then the crazy stuff came. He interrupted Taylor Swift, rightly so. She is so overrated. He met with President Trump. He decided to run against Trump. Now, he wants to make sure Swift receives her originals. West is a fashion designer and married to Kim Kardashian. Another waste of space. He also claims to be a Christian. He is one of the best selling artists with over 140 million albums in sales. He won many 21 Grammy Awards. I have never liked his music because I am not a fan of rap. Honestly, I have never heard much of it. The College Dropout is his debut album. Let’s go.

All Falls Down” featuring Syleena Johnson was the first song to catch my attention. I played it a few times. I really like Johnson’s vocals. Other songs I liked were “Spaceship” featuring GLC and Consequence, “Family Business”, “Jesus Walks“, “Never Let Me Down” featuring Jay-Z and J. Ivy, but I am not a fan of Jay-Z’s voice.

I am shocked that I even liked one song on this album, but I liked almost all of the actually songs, but I did not care for the skits or interludes. West’s strength was choosing the right people to work with him, especially the female vocals. I think he also picked the best samples for his music. He production is excellent. I recommend it to those who like hip hop with a little soul. 8.5/10.

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