#996 The Zutons – Who Killed…… The Zutons?

The Zutons released their debut album Who Killed…… The Zutons? in 2004. They released three albums, then spilt in 2009. They did a tour in 2019, but it seems they have disbanded again. Only time will tell. I do not think I know their music.

I think the only songs that were decent was “Railroad” and “Not a Lot to Do”.

Another one of those albums which I am unsure how it is included in the list. I did not like the vocals of Dave McCabe. Actually, he was not as bad as the saxophone; he grew on me. I found Abi Harding’s playing irritating and distracting from the songs. It would have been better to leave her for the live shows. My other problem was the song seemed too formulaic even for garage rock. 4/10.

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