#1012 Ghostface Killah – Fishscale

Ghostface Killah is one of the artist that I have never listened to before today. I am sure this will be terrible. Fishscale is the rappers fifth album.

I found out something interesting today. I listened to the edited version of this album on Spotify. At times you can tell what they would say and it was a bit irritating the way it jumps. But I actually liked this album. I really do hate the cursing on rap songs.

The songs that i found interesting were “Back Like That” featuring Ne-Yo, “Shakey Dog”, “Big Girl”, “Momma”, and especially “Dogs of War” because it contains a sample of “Family Affair” by Sly & the Family Stone. That is five more songs than i thought i would like.

Overall, it was not a horrible album. I kind of liked it. I recommend the edited version. 6/10.

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