#1016 Joanna Newsom – Ys

Joanna Newsom released her second album Ys in 2006. The album has only five songs and it is almost an hour long. The album charted on the low end of Billboard 200, but it was on almost every critics year-end chart, except Rolling Stone magazine and Robert Christgau, who seems to hate everything good in life.

Christgau was correct to hate this album. It drove me mad! Her little girl voice made me want to scratch my eyes our with a dead cat’s claws. She almost reminded me of an irritating Cyndi Lauper, but Lauper knows when it is all too much to deal with. Lauper has a better voice. Is this the long lost sister of Joan Baez? This is the album they should use to drive criminals to a confession. “Turn it off!!! I did it! I killed the butler with the candle stick in the basement. Just turn off the music.” 0/10.

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