#1020 LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

LCD Soundsystem released their second album Sound of Silver in 2007. Oddly, I recognise their first and third album, but I do not think I ever heard of the second one. Maybe I just don’t remember the song titles. Maybe it was not as good as the other albums. I do like their genres of music: dance-punk, electronic rock, electronica, and indie rock. I remain hopeful.

My favourites on this album were “Get Innocuous!”, “Someone Great”, “All My Friends“, and “North American Scum”. I almost liked the title song “Sound of Silver”, but the singing was terrible. I added it anyway because of the music.

Overall, this is a really good album from the band. I am surprised that I had not heard it before. They make great dance music. At least two of the songs were mediocre, which makes me wonder why artists put those on their albums. Isn’t there someone to tell them how bad they sound? I recommend the songs I listed and I would mostly skip the rest. 7/10.

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