#1021 Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

Arcade Fire released their second studio album Neon Bible in 2007. It does not have anything to do with the novel of the same name by John Kennedy Toole. I read that book so many years ago. I am still waiting for a film version of his Pulitzer Prize for Fiction novel A Confederacy of Dunces.

Trivia Moment: The recording of the Budapest Film Orchestra and a military men’s choir were produced in Budapest.

My favourite songs are “Ocean of Noise”, “My Body is a Cage”, “Keep the Car Running”, and “Windowsill”.

Overall, I like the album a lot, but I think it deserves more attention than their first album. It seems to be more in hyperdrive and their isn’t really a “hit” song to grasp onto that many people need to draw them in. The instrumentation on the album is quite grand for an indie rock album. I recommend it if you are patient enough to give it a few listenings. 9/10.

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