1028 Q-Tip – The Renaissance

Q-Tip released his second studio album The Renaissance in 2008. Q-Tip is probably the dumbest rap name ever. Is he saying he is dirty white cotton stick man? I already know I will hate this album because I hate most hip hop, yet I will give it a fair listen.

None of the songs really stood out for me, at least in a good way. “You” did stand out, but only because I thought Q-Tip was saying, “It’s shoe.” His phrasing is lazy so I could not understand everything.

I often think that rappers are lazy, especially when they use the music of a far better song to make their mediocre crap sound familiar to the listener. Case in point would be the song “Move / Renaissance Rap”; it’s a Jackson Five beat to Q-Tip’s lyrics.

Overall, this album was not as bad as I expected it to be, but it still was not something I would listen to again. 4/10.

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