#1029 Portishead – Third

Portishead release their third album Third in 2008. It was their first album in eleven years and their last one to date. The band took the music into a new direction of incorporating krautrock, surf rock, and doo wop. It was rated by many critics as the best album of 2008.

I found it hard to pick out any one song on the first listening. The songs sort of bled into one another. I did like the transitions between songs. I like how “Silence” ended and “Hunter” began. I wish every song had the connections. I really liked the ending to “Threads“.

Overall, this was a great album for Portishead. They have grown a lot over the years even though it was not in front of their fans. Unfortunately, it has been over eleven years since this album, perhaps this was the end of their album career, but they are still together as a band. 9/10.

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