1031 Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree

Electronic duo Goldfrapp released their fourth album Seventh Tree in 2008. It was well received by the critics due to Goldfrapp’s new sound. Not many bands can change their signature and remain successful with their longtime fans. The album is filled with ambient sounds and downtempo music, which is a step away from their dance sound.

The first song “Clowns” is beautiful sung by Alison Goldfrapp. Some of my favourite songs were “Eat Yourself” and all the other songs.

Overall, I think the ambient music works better with Goldfrapp’s soft vocals. But don’t forget about lead keyboardist, producer, and composer Will Gregory. He has worked with some of the greatest artist, such as Tears for Fears, Tori Amos, and Peter Gabriel. Together they are a dynamic duo and this was an excellent work. 9.6/10.

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