1034 Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

American band Grizzly Bear released their third album Veckatimest in 2009. This is an album that I like in the beginning, but I guess I forgot it over the years. I wonder how it will be to hear it again.

I miss listening to “Two Weeks“. I used to really like this song. I obviously liked the video too on YouTube. It has a blue thumbs up!

Other songs that I enjoyed were “All We Ask”, “Ready, Able“, “About Face”, “Dory”, and “I Live with You”.

Overall, this is a really good album. The band is great at mixing genres and sounds that can either be irritating or genius. I find most of it to be genius. I recommend this album to lovers of music. 9/10.

3 thoughts on “1034 Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

  1. This album is one of my favorite indie ones ever. You’re killing it lately! Check out Grizzly Bear’s album Shields (particularly the song Sleeping Ute) if you liked this! 🤠

      1. I will check out your recommendations. Thank you. Oddly, i cannot see the bottom half of this review on this page.

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