#1036 Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

It seems to be have been some time since I have written that I have not heard of an artist or band, but today that changes with Dirty Projectors. They are an indie band, which mostly consist of singer-songwriter David Longstreth, who is the only real member. I have never heard of him either. Bitte Orca is their fifth studio album and I believe their ninth album 5EPs was released this month.

What did I just listen to? This was a surprise for me because nothing on the album seems to tie it all together. The songs are all over the place. If you asked me what genre I just listened to I would have to say “It is a new genre called Dirty Projectors.”

I think “Stillness Is the Move” featuring Amber Coffman was my favourite song. It was really quite catchy. In fact, the only really catchy sort of radio pop sounding songs both feature female vocalist. The other song is “Two Doves” with Angel Deradoorian as lead vocalist.

This was a difficult album to pin down, therefore I found it difficult to score. I actually think I like it all. It was so different than anything else I have heard in a long time. I recommend it if you are adventurous. 9/10.

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