1037 Fever Ray – Fever Ray

Fever Ray is another one I have not heard of until today. Fever Ray released her debut eponymous album in 2009. Karin Dreijer uses Fever Ray as an alias. She is also one half of The Knife with her brother Olof Dreijer. Both siblings are really weird in my opinion. She wants to be considered a they/them, which is mental. He will not do a concert unless there is equal gender representation.

The best songs were “If I Had a Heart“, “Triangle Walks”, “Keep the Streets Empty for Me”, and all the other songs on the album.

Overall, this is electronic pop at its best. All the songs are musically interesting. Vocally I am not sure what is going on. After all, Fever Ray is from Sweden so she could be singing in Swedish. I actually think Dreijer is not singing clearly so I cannot make out what she is saying on every song, even the English ones. I think this was a great discovery of music. 9/10.

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