#1040 Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle

Bill Callahan performs under the nom de plume Smog since 1990 and until 2007. Since 2007 he has recorded under his own name. In 2009 he recorded his second solo album Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle.

I am not a fan of country music, which this album is listed as, but I don’t think it is really country. Technically, it is alternative country, but that doesn’t make sense. I did not love any songs, but I found myself drawn to the final song “Faith/Void”. It was not lyrically because the lyrics are about putting God away. It was not vocally because Callahan’s voice is strange. He talks more than sings. I think the music was great. It sounds more like a Beck song. If the song was much shorter, then I might have liked it better. I also question faith and my void.

Overall, the album was not as horrible as I expected it to be. I did not put any songs on my list, but if you were playing it on your car radio I would not cry. 5/10.

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