#1041 Wild Beasts – Two Dancers

Wild Beasts is another band I have not heard of, but I am curious because I like their genre classification. Their second album Two Dancers filled with dream pop, art rock, and indie rock was released in 2009.

My favourite songs were “All the King’s Men”, “Two Dancers (ii)”, and “Two Dancers (ii)”.

Overall, I liked the music a lot. I was a bit confused at first about the vocals. I preferred the male vocals over the female ones, but I realised eventually that the vocalists were all males. I guess I am not a fan of singer Hayden Thorpe or Tom Fleming because one of them sings in a falsetto. Eventfully, I liked both vocalists. I think the whole album is interesting to listen to while relaxing or doing some chores or driving. My score reflects how I feel at the moment, but I feel it will go higher eventually. 7.5/10.

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