#1045 John Grant – Queen of Denmark

John Grant released his debut album Queen of Denmark in 2010 to critical acclaim. Grant along with Chris Pearson formed The Czars, an American alternative rock band, in 1994 in Denver. Grant went solo after the band dissolved in 2006.

The songs I liked were “Where Dreams Go to Die”, “Outer Space”, “TC and Honeybear”, “It’s Easier”, “Caramel, and title song Queen of Denmark.

Honestly, the album is not terrible, but it contains some of the worst songs I have ever heard. “Chicken Bones” is obviously a terrible rip off of “Sundown” by Canadian folk artist Gordon Lightfoot. But it is not the worst song because that honour goes to “Jesus Hates Faggots”. The lyrics are terrible

“Cos Jesus,
He hates faggots, son
We told you that when you were young
Or pretty much anyone you want him to
Like niggers, spicks, redskins and kikes
Men who cannot tame their wives
Weaklings, cowards, and bald dikes,
And when we win the war on society
I hope your blind eyes will be opened and you’ll see.”

I cannot believe this song was not on the Cancel Cultures List. If anyone tells you that Jesus hates fags, then they are a liar. He loves all people. He hates all sin.

Overall, the album is not terrible, but I do not see the reason for the critics to fall all over themselves. It is like a modern day Barry Manilow. 6.5/10.

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