#1049 The Black Keys – Brothers

The Black Keys so far have not been a favourite of mine. Maybe their sixth album Brothers will change it. The album cover is kind of interesting. This is an album by The Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers. I wonder what they were thinking when they created it. Wait. I am thinking of the wrong band. I am mixing up two bands, but I cannot remember the name of the actual band I am thinking of at the moment. This band is a duo also. I recognise their name, but I do not recognise the album’s title. This album was their commercial breakthrough. It might have something to do with them hiring producer Danger Mouse.

I recognised the songs on the album. I like their blues rock sound. I actually think I listened to it in Budapest. My favourites are “The Only One”, “Too Afraid to Love You”, “Everlasting Light”, “The Only One”, and all the rest of the songs.

Overall, this is a perfect blues rock album. The vocals and the music are fire. I recommend this album to anyone in a mood for the blues. 10/10.

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