#1059 Kanye West – Yeezus

People really do like Kanye West’s music. I am surprised how many times he is on this list of 1001 Albums… I am more surprised that his albums are better than what I have heard of before actually listening to them. I do not like his live performances. I do not like autotune either. Yeezus is his sixth studio album and his third on the list. Many critics considered this West’s best album, but the fans were divided.

Trivia: Gábor Presser is acknowledged as one of the writers on the song “New Slaves”. Presser was a member of Omega one of the most successful Hungarian rock band in history.

I hate vulgar language in music. I do not see a reason for it. Every song on this album has an explicit label. Yet, the music is incredibly great. It really is fire! “Bound 2” might be my favourite song on the album. I like the old soul songs being mixed into modern songs. I also liked “On Sight” because of Daft Punk‘s writing.

Overall, I said it before and I will say it now, West is a great conductor of musicians. He also has a god complex, but I think all master artists have an ego problem. The music is the star of this album and the music deserves the score. 8.9/10.

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