#1067 Björk – Vulnicura

Björk released her eighth studio album Vulnicura in 2015. Vulnicura means “Cure for Wounds” (Vulnus + Cura) in Latin. It’s about what may come to a person at the end of a relationship. Bjork said, “It talks about the dialogues we may have in our heads and in our hearts, the healing processes.” The album came after her breakup with contemporary artist Matthew Barney.

“Lionsong” is one of the most beautiful songs on the album. “Family” is another one that I thought was beautiful.

Overall, the whole album is perfect. It is one of Björk best albums. Maybe with more listenings I will declare it her best. It is the atmospheric sounds that draw me in. I really like this album and recommend it for those who love electronic, art pop, avant-garde baroque pop, and ambient. 10/10.

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