#1068 Songhoy Blues – Music In Exile

I have never heard of Songhoy Blues. It is strange that there are artists you cannot heard about in this digital age we live in. They released their debut album Music In Exile in 2015.

None of the songs entertained me. I was not interested in it at all.

Overall, this is not my type of music. I figured out why I did not know it; it is desert blues music from Timbuktu, Mali. The band is actually in exile because of the civil conflict and the imposition of Sharia law in their homeland Mali. But the music is generic, really bland for me, and they are singing in the Nilo-Saharan language of the Songhai. I think the band is more famous for their story than their music. There is nothing to listen to here, move on. 3/10.

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