#1070 David Bowie – ★

David Bowie released his final album Blackstar 8 January 2016 on his 69th birthday, two days before he died of liver cancer. Bowie was one of the best artists of all time. He was incredibly talented. He spoke for us weirdos in the world. The album was a critical and commercial success.

My favourite songs are “Dollar Days”, “I Can’t Give Everything Away”, and “Lazarus”.

Overall, the album is excellent, but depressing because it is the soundtrack of a dying man. The one thing we can all relate to eventually is death. We all die, but most of us do not know when it will come to get us. Bowie knew it was soon. I am not sure if I would call it Bowie’s best album, but I am pressed for time to decide how I feel about it now. His voice sounds weaker than ever, but he is an older man who is near death at this point in his career. The music is excellent. 9.5/10.

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