#1080 Hookworms – Microshift

This is the final album. I completed my mission for 2020, since I am writing this 2020 December 31. My challenges for 2021 while change to creative writing.

Hookworms‘ third and final album Microshift was released in 2018. The band dissolved due to false accusations against the lead singer Matthew Johnson. The accusations came via Alanna McCardle, a former a member of Welsh group Joanna Gruesome and a former partner of Johnson, on Twitter. McCardle was speaking out for an anonymous person. Johnson is in the process of clearing his name. I have heard of the band, but I do not remember if I liked their music.

My favourite songs are “The Soft Season”, “Opener”, “Each Time We Pass”, and the rest of the album.

I really liked this album. Hopefully Johnson can clear his name and get back to making music. I recommend it to people who like neo-psychedelia, space rock, noise rock, and drone rock. 9.5/10.

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