A is for Amazing

I have decided to try some writing prompts to start writing creative stories again. I have several books on prompts, which was a problem for me. I cannot pick out a box of cereal in under thirty minutes so I definitely could not choose a book to spend a year with under a week. I think I will use 397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas by Scott Green. I was thinking of using A Year of Creative Writing Prompts by Love in Ink, but I felt a bit overwhelmed. Three prompts a day is too much for me at the moment. Fortunately, I went to their Facebook page and found that they post a writing prompt each day. I can do that, so I will give it a go too. I think I will use it for a Saturday, many Short Story Saturday.


Day 1: “A is for “Amazing“. Write about the most amazing things in your life. They can be people, events, inspirations—whatever’s amazing for you!”

I find it hard to think about things as amazing. My past pains that live inside my head and heart swallow up most things that seem amazing. I am not sure what is amazing, except for George Michael’s song “Amazing”.

Amazing means causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. I do not like surprises; they embarrass me. I honestly don’t think I find anything amazing anymore. I probably should have written this one as a character and not as myself.

Side note: I will write some of these entries as a character different than Ocean. I believe I am a character too. This is my dramatic sitcom and everyone is a side character. The reason for that is most people do not stay around long. People come in and out of my life like a turnstile in the New York subway.

I think it is amazing that I have lived this long. I thought I would be dead by the time I reached thirty. I never wanted to live. Sometimes I scream at God for letting me be such a great swimmer, that is a pre-birth swimmer. I am not much of a swimmer now. Thank you to Steven Spielberg. Every time I get into the water I hear that music from Jaws. Even in the shower, I hear it from time to time. It scares the crap out of me.

Anyway, I want to go back in time to a place I never existed. Everyone could forget me. It would be amazing if I could be forgotten. If I could go to a place where I never existed.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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