B is for Beautiful

Day 2: “B is for “Beautiful”. What do you consider “beautiful?” Write about it.”

Beautiful. I find so many things beautiful in the broken world. The face of a man and woman. The laughter of a five year old which comes for no apparent reason. The sky in the morning and the evening. although I rarely see the morning one lately.

They say beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t believe that is completely true. God sees us all as beautiful, even in our wicked mess. Beauty comes in sacrifices.

A small child puts their tiny hand on your aged hand and tells you not to worry because everything will be okay is beautiful.

The love of a mother and father should be beautiful and can be beautiful, but I was not shown this beauty. A horse galloping through the fields filled with flowers of many colours is quite beautiful even if you only see it in your imagination.

The love of a best friend should be beautiful, but humans are involved and they cannot be trusted. People are beautiful like stained glass windows in a cathedral; they look great, but are fragile and can be broken easily with little force.

Pictures of space are beautiful to me, but it is more beautiful in my dreams when I am there alone. I am safe. Rain on a window, beauty outside of sadness.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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