Q is for Quick

Day 17: “Q is for “Quick.” What’s one thing that you want to do quickly?”

Die! I do not want to have a long painful death. I feel I deserve to die quickly. I have lived much longer than I had planned. I thought I would be long dead by now. I definitely tried to end it all a few times, but I failed.

My grandmother, mother, and a friend all suffered through cancer and it is horrible to watch. I will not do chemotherapy when I get cancer. I say when because I think I am at high risk for it. But maybe God will spare me that route of death.

Maybe I will die from an airplane crash. We will be flying over the ocean, the plane will crash into the waters, but I will be the sole survivor. I will float for three days until a search team finds me.

Plot Twist: The search team will be too late. There will be a fierce storm blocking them from rescuing me, but as they make their way, a shark will eat me.

I think that would be one of the worst deaths, except for a death by cats and country music. I imagine a millions cats singing country music to me until I stick a stake into my ears and needles in my eyes and slowly bleed to death over three days.

Death is something I would rather do quickly.

Another thing I would rather do quickly is love and forgive. I wish I could love and forgive people quickly. I find it takes too long for me to do either of those things.

What do you want to do quickly?

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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