U is for Undeniable

Day 21: “U is for “Undeniable”. Have you ever felt love that was undeniable?”

I have never actually had a relationship type love. I have felt love many times throughout my life, or at least what I thought was love. I have loved friends, perhaps too much. I have given myself to many of my friends, but I am always feeling the pain of them all leaving me. It hurts so much. I feel it still today, especially my last few friendships that have end in the recent years.

I think the hardest part of loving friends and them leaving is when they are still around in your life, but you know in your heart they are not your friend anymore. These are the people who don’t hangout with you, but say they love you. I have some of those people in my life.

I think this wasn’t a good prompt for me. I am feeling gloomy today. My loop is playing often. I have one of my friends from the past in the loop for a month now; I cannot escape. I am like a fat hamster in an eternal spinning wheel. I cannot escape the trap which others made for me. The past haunts me down the halls of my memories.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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