5 Friends

Day 31: 5 – “Write about 5 friends whom you consider as your best or closest friends.”

Why friends again? Scott Green, your book kind of sucks. It is so repetitive.

I guess I will write about five friends that are close in proximity. I am not extremely close to a lot of people. I do try.

  1. Pat Stoll. She helped me move out of a bad situation a few years ago. I moved into her and her and husband Jay’s house 5 December 2014. It is the longest I have ever lived anywhere. I even playing cards with Pat and her sister Sue. For a long time Sue was known as Pat’s sister. She graduated into her own person.
  2. Dennis and Ellen Batchelor. They are one couple so I will count them as one person. Like Jay and Pat. I spend more time with them and little Jayden, than with anyone else. We eat dinner and play games almost once a week. I also watch Jayden once a week.
  3. Bernát Gárdonyi. He is a friend from Hungary and he is far away, but we chat almost every day or we at least send a humorous TikTok to each other. He is a fun guy to talk to.
  4. Kelly Bailey Newlon. She was a chef at the school I attended for baking. Over the years she has become a great friend. We often recommend television series to each other. We meet when we can and we enjoy hanging out and laughing with another friend Suzanne Prendergast. They are both equally awesome people.
  5. Dirk Mendive. I have known Dirk the longest on this list. We chat everyday. We try to encourage each other every day. Dirk is someone I love very much.

Although I love all my close friends, I do not tell them and I cannot tell if they love me. Love is a strange thing for me. I loved my two best friends, but they tossed away me like yesterday’s leftover French Press coffee.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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