9 Days Ago

Day 35: 9 – “What were you doing 9 days ago?”

Absolutely no idea! Do you think I could remember nine days ago, when I barely remember one day ago?

9 days ago we were in January, which is a whole month ago, but in my head it might be only a week ago or three years ago.

Sometimes people will tell me something that happened one month ago was actually a year ago. I will not believe them, then I look it up on my calendar or somewhere I might have written about the incident/event only to find out that I was wrong.

That is the only time I am wrong. I am usually right about everything. I prefer not to speak if I cannot be right. Occasionally, I am wrong, but rarely.

But nine days ago was probably a Saturday, so I was probably sitting alone in my little place doing nothing much. I might have watched a film, but whatever it was, it was probably not important to my life.

I have a feeling more interesting things are on the horizon for me. I have some stronger desires to, as my friend Kelly says, #doepicshit. That is doe pics hit. Maybe I will finally take pictures again. I used to love taking photos, but I stopped when I moved to the USA.

I loved a lot of things before I moved here in 2013. My life changed and it was the hardest change ever. I am not sure if I will ever get over the loss.

I feel as though I am looking at life through nine dirty windows, which cannot be cleaned ever again.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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