Friday the 13th

Day 39: 13 – “Do you believe that Friday the 13th is unlucky?”

Heck no! What a fool believes in, is amazing to me.

I find it amazing that people believe silly superstitions. I am not even a little stitious.

If bad luck or silly superstitions were a real thing, then I would have been dead already. I have crossed black cats on a path, I have broken mirrors, I have walked under a ladder, I have whistled indoors, i have done cheers with water, I have stepped in dog shit with my right foot, I have walked backwards, I have sat at the corner of a table, i have opened many umbrellas indoors, I have broken a plate that wasn’t cracked before, i have seen the chimney sweeper and not grabbed my button, and I have stepped on a manhole.

I have done it all.

So, this explains my whole life. I have suffered so much loss and pain all through my life. I have been beaten and battered. I have never been very successful. It is always raining on me. I have lost every best friend I have ever had. People I love always leave me.

I am definitely doomed to a life of misery.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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