“41. 15 – If you’ll be given your own 15 minutes of fame, what would you do?”

I walked down the street and with a friend from work… Pause. If you work with someone are they a friend or a colleague? I don’t remember who she was now. I suppose she wasn’t really a friend. Unpause. I walked down the street with a colleague and a lot of people waved hello or said hello to me. This was a daily occurrence for me.

I had arrived as an unknown person one winter day only to become fame15 quickly a couple months later. How did I achieve such fame in a few months? It was easy. I joined the cast of a small theatre production. The place was sold out every night of its limit run. I was an angel of sorts. I had very long hair at the time.

The director saw me at work and asked if I wanted a part in his play. He was casting for The Devils and I looked like an angel. It was not weird or anything. It was legit. The catch was that I was naked. Without clothing. My boy parts were dangling, dangling for all the see.

I was hanging from the rafters for about 30 minutes before the play actually started. The play started as soon as the first ticket holder arrived. I was tangled in some ropes above the audience. Right after the play started I would throw a red ribbon out of my hand, which signified my death. I proceeded to slip through the ropes into the arms of the whole casts, where I was dressed in a loin cloth.

People recognized me all the time from that one play. I never really wanted to act after that time. It was something that I had to do for myself. I need to do something out of character for me. I also started wearing more clothing than ever. I did not like people look at me. I did not like people stopping me to ask me questions about the play.

My writer side kicked in and I started taking writing classes. I wanted to be in the background making the magic on the paper.

Now, anybody can be fame15. The internet changed everything.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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