Day 48: 22 –”Listen to the song “22” by Taylor Swift and write about how you feel about it.”

Why? Why not anybody else, but Taylor Swift? I cannot stand her as a singer and as a persona. I don’t think she is a real person. She does not come off as a genuine person. If she were a guy we would call him a serial dater. It seems that she built a career on dating men and dumping them so she could write heartbreak songs for her little fans. I really dislike her.

But as with many things in life there is a catch 22 around the corner.

I had not heard of Swift until her album Red was released. I think I was living in Lyon, France when I first heard the song “State of Grace“. It is a big song, too big for her weak vocals, especially live. But thanks to autotune and great producers the song is great. It reminds me of my life in Budapest. The lyrics fit my life. I think they fit anybody in love or anyone who has a friendship that is so strong it has the power to destroy your life. Eventually, it does.

And I never (never) saw you coming
And I’ll never (never) be the same

As for the song “22”, it is extremely generic and any pop tart could sing it.

I remember when I was 22. My life was going nowhere. I had an offer from a friend’s family who was visiting to move away from my hometown. I left home and never looked back the very next day. I started my life over. I got a job quickly and started to improve myself little by little. It was a long, long road. I am still try to improve my circumstances.

But I never saw my friend again and it hurts like hell.

Excerpt From: Scott Green. “397 Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas.” Apple Books.

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